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PERFORMANCE 演出                   (* Hong Kong Premiere)

Contemporary Sound 2016
Steven Stucky -  Concerto for two flutes (I. Elegy)
Olivier Messiaen -  Le Mèrle Noir
Takatsugu Muramatsu - Earth
Robert Muczynski - Sonata for Flute and Piano
Piano Solo
Thomas Ades - Darknesses Visible*
George Crumb -  Eine Kleine Mitternachtmusik*
Stefan Prins - Piano Hero 1 *
Flute Solo
Ian Clarke - Zoom tube
Jennifer Higdon - Rapid・Fire*
Contemporary Sound 2018
John Rutter -  Suite Antique
Lowell Libermann - Sonata for Flute and Piano Op.23
David Lang  - Vent*
Gary Schocker - Sonata for Short Attention Span* for Flute, Piccolo and Piano
Piano Solo
Michael Nyman -  The Heart Asks Pleasure First
Gygory Ligeti - Musica Ricercata*
Karlheinz Essl - Pachinko for Toy piano and Computer
Peter Ablinger  - 'Angela Davis'* from Voices and Piano 
Flute Solo
Ian Clarke - The Great Train Race
D.J. Sparr - Fantasia for Flute and Electronics: Sugarhouse*
Make Music Hong Kong! 2018
J.S. Bach - Flute Sonata in E Major, I. Adagio ma non tanto
Gabriel Faure - Sicilienne
Otar Taktakshvili - Flute Sonata, II. Aria
Sergei Prokofiev - Flute Sonata, IV. Allegro con brio
Piano Solo
Claude Debussy - La Puerta del Vino
Gygory Ligeti - Musica Ricercata
Peter Ablinger  - 'Angela Davis' from Voices and Piano 
Flute Solo
Ian Clarke - The Great Train Race
D.J. Sparr - Fantasia for Flute and Electronics: Sugarhouse
Contemporary Sound Op.3
Lowell Libermann - 'Five Pieces' from Album for 
                            the Young
Robert Beaser - Souvenirs*
Jake Heggie - Fury of Light*
Piano Solo
Robert Muczynski - Desperate Measures
Matthew Shlomowitz - 1.'Free Sound" from
                                 Popular Contexts *1
Damien Ricketson - The Day after Drowning*
Flute Solo
Tilmann Dehnhard - Wake Up!
Claude Debussy/arr. Keeling - Clair de
                                            Lune for Electric Flute*
Tianyi Wang - Song of Normality *
Project M0Ch3 Live Streaming TV/Movie Mini Concert Series
Alan Silvestri - Marvels 'Avengers' Intro
Nino Rota - Theme from 'Godfather'
Henry Mancini - Theme from 'The Pink Panther'
Koji Makaino - Theme from 'Creamy Mami'
John Williams - Theme from 'Schindler's List'
John Barry - Theme from 'Somewhere in Time'
Joe Hisaishi -  Theme from 'Laputa'
Justin Hurwitz  - Medley from 'La La Land'
Joe Hisaishi - Theme from 'Ponyo'
Frank Churchill- "Heigh-ho!' from Snow White and the
                        Seven Dwarves
Piano Solo
Michael Nyman -  The Heart Asks Pleasure First
                           from 'The Piano'
Hans Zimmer- Theme from "Pirates of the Caribean"
Flute Solo
'Siren Sorrento' from Saint Seiya
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